This tutorial aims to guide the beginner web developer in designing and implementing a typical website using Modx Revolution - an open source content management framework. The development will be done locally on a Windows machine with the help of Wampserver which has been packaged to enable apache, php and mysql to conveniently run on Windows.

Our website will be called MyRevo. It will be driven by 3 main templates. The final output should appear similar to the images below (click to enlarge):

We will look at how to create pages (resources), templates, template variables, chunks and snippets as well as managing website access restrictions, rss feeds, sitemaps, etc. Instructions for transfer to a live server, listed as Part 11, have already been covered in my article, Modx Revolution Migration to Live Server.

The tutorial will be spread over the following parts:

We begin with the download of Wampserver in Modx Revolution Development with Wampserver - Part 01 - Installation of Wampserver