Packages, or Extras, are specialist modx revolution applications that help us accomplish useful tasks without having to write the code ourselves. We are interested in the following packages:

  • Breadcrumbs - for navigation trail
  • Formit - to handle forms
  • getResources - multi purpose data extraction and presentation
  • GoogleSiteMap - for submitting to search engines
  • Login - manages membership
  • Metax - for automatic generation of meta data
  • Personalize - can display different messages for members and guests
  • SimpleSearch - sitewide search engine
  • SiteMapFriend - sitemap listing
  • TinyMCE - text editor
  • Wayfinder - specialist navigation builder

We can download those packages from within Modx Revolution by going into System, Package Management then Download Extras. This script downloads our packages to c:\wamp\www\myrevo\core\packages, lists them in the Package Management panel but does not install them. If that script fails for whatever reason, we can go directly to to download what we want and then manually move the file to c:\wamp\www\myrevo\core\packages. In this latter case, we will have to go back into System, Package Management, click on Add New Package and use the Search Locally for Packages option to bring the manual downloads into the Package Management panel.

We now install each package by simply locating it in System, Package Management then Install. TinyMCE, for example, takes a few seconds more to completely install. Therefore, it is important to wait for the success message at the end.

Another useful tool to have is Notepad++. This is similar to Windows Notepad but supports a variety of languages including html, css and php. Our sample page layout's html and css, for example, were written using Notepad++.

We continue on to Modx Revolution Development - Part 05 - Building Templates

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