To get started, we need to visit Wampserver to download the program. The version at the time of this writing is 2.1e with a size of just under 20mb for the 32bits version and which includes apache version 2.2.17, php 5.3.5 and mysql 5.5.8.

Wampserver is extremely easy to install. Launch the program, agree to the licence and simply follow the few steps of the installation script after accepting the default installation directory of c:\wamp. Towards the end, you may get a windows security or firewall alert. It is important to grant permissions in order for the script to be able to install apache as a windows service, else no server!

If all went well, the script will then open the local server, http://localhost, in your default browser to show the server configuration details. On this single page, and under Tools, click on phpmyadmin to start managing databases. The installation images follow below (click to enlarge).

We will be using Friendly URLs. We activate this option in Apache by clicking once on the green wamp icon in the system try to bring up the wamp menu and then on Apache followed by Apache Modules. Within this submenu folder we scroll down till we see rewrite_module and click once on it to activate it.

In phpMyAdmin you should see a message in red lettering towards the bottom half of the page warning that your installation is open to intrusion because it has no mysql password. We are working on our local machine so it is not necessary to implement password.

As we are in phpMyAdmin, we will create our first database by giving it the name 'revolution' (without the apostrophe, of course) under 'Create new database' and then click on 'Create'. This is the database we will reference as we now move on to Modx Revolution Development with Wampserver - Part 02 - Installation of Modx Revolution

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